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Being a hand model is always a great conversation piece. The moment you tell people that you do this for a living, they look down to see your hands. Every single time!

Alain Patry
Your Hand Model
  • KFC

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  • Scotiabank

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  • Best Buy

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  • Pizza Hut

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Your Hand Model

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  • Bilingual

  • Experienced

  • Eligible for ACTRA/UDA work

  • Very dependable

  • Great eye for detail

  • Professional attitude

  • Awesome hands

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Alain Patry

your hand model

Alain Patry has been hand modeling since 2009. Besides being a Toronto-based hand model, he is also a singer, actor, voice artist, and web professional. To connect with Alain, use one of the icons below!

Some Agencies I've Worked With
Rubin Postaer & Associates
Alter Ego Films
John St.
Juniper Park

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